Why You Are Sweet

You (upon me) descend
as a constellation
of raindrops,

each (liquid point) meeting a bud
to self-blossom of your sweetness.

You (a thousand sparks that catch
and swirl in smoke’s unrefined dignity
to play among sky’s unnameable stars)

I count among my blessings,
and among those (unlistable)
blessings are yours uncountable.

I need (to describe you)
a special grammar of love,
a language that can accommodate (only)
what untellable reverence I hold for you
(nothing else).

Scene I from Vermont Avenue

"Scene I from Vermont Avenue" appears in the current issue of UCLA's Westwind literary magazine.


You are the quiet joy
that culminates my most spacious
hours; your time stretches

on as the last sliver of sun that
never manages to fully hide
behind its eclipser.

Pidgin and Macro

A group of friends and I started Macro, a literary magazine designed to showcase the work of international students (broadly defined) at USC.

Each of our editors is presenting one piece to kick-start the journal and invite submissions. Check out my poem, "Pidgin", and Elisa Shimada's "D.I.D." on the Macro website.

USC students, staff, faculty, and friends: Please submit!