What you hold in your mind’s eye
becomes your dream tonight, they say.

I have no such fixation,
only a stipple of optimisms—

each one twinkles at just
the right moment, illuminating
a tapestry of what happens.

Peer into it closely, behold its secret:
Each affirmation conceals a doubt,
each doubt a step mistaken.

Let me daily light each humble star
that their dappled curtain comfort me!

But look closely, at each letter,
at the corner of each letter,

at the tip of each corner
where it meets the page—
do you see that invisible point?

Deeper than the moments of time they burn
tunnel those little lights into a world so aglow
I wither before its perfect expanse.

Through the forest of prisms,
the waters of the night,

glimpse me, if you can,
in the image not once reflected.