Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give piano lessons?

I sure do! Take a look at my Teaching page to get the flavor of my style and send me an email if you like what you see.

Can I post some of your writing on my website?

Probably. A few of the websites on which my writing has appeared have their own policies. As for writing on my blog, please link back to the original post and do your best to preserve my formatting and indents. There's no need to ask permission, but feel free to email with any questions.

Some of your posts are showing up as white boxes.

For some time, I experimented with using the SVG image format to achieve certain typesetting effects. As of March 2018, only Google Chrome displays those files properly. If you prefer to use Firefox (like me … ), Safari, or another browser, email me for a high-res PNG.

What is the meaning of your blog's title?

It's from the song Illusion by Gregory Porter.